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Corporate Travel Insurance

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These are benefits and premiums of Corporate Travel Insurance.

    • Worldwide travel information (inoculations and health regulations)

      up to 100 %

      Emergency headquarters: 24 hrs. emergency calls

      up to 100 %

      Information and organisation in the event of lost tickets

      no ticket reimbursement

      Interpreters (communication difficulties with the police, the authorities etc.)

      up to € 360

      Transmission of messages

      up to 100 %

      International tracing service

      up to € 36,500

      On request: key and luggage finding service

      up to 100 %

      Assistance in emergency situations: reimbursement of telephone and fax costs arising

      up to 100 %

    • incl. cover in the context of professionally necessary manual activity

      Outpatient treatment *

      up to 100 %

      Transport of medicines *

      up to 100 %

      Inpatient hospital treatment *

      up to € 220,000

      Reimbursement of costs in connection with existing conditions, which become acute *

      up to € 36,500

      Transfer transport

      up to 100 %

      Transport home incl. ambulance jet in cases of medical necessity *

      up to 100 %

      Transport home after 3 days in hospital, even where there is no medical necessity *

      up to 100 %

      Transfer of body or burial in site

      up to 100 %

      Travel of deputising colleague to place where the insured is staying *

      up to 100 %

      Return journey of person closely related to the insured to and from sickbed *

      Travel costs
      up to 100 %
      Accommodation costs
      up to € 300

      Search and rescue

      up to € 36,500

      The benefits marked * in the policy apply exclusively abroad.
      Abroad being defined as any country other than the country in which the insured has his permanent place of residence.

    • incl. cover in the context of professionally necessary manual activity

      Compensation in the event of accidental death

      selectable between
      € 15,000 and € 145,000

      Compensation for permanent disability **

      selectable between
      € 40,000 and € 365,000

      ** Degree of disablement from which benefits are payable can be selected from any point between 2% and 50%

    • Organisation and reimbursement of costs of unforeseen return journey

      up to 100 %

      Missed flight or other form of travel

      up to € 750

      Delayed journey home

      up to € 180

      Return travel costs in the event of public disturbances, natural disaster or epidemic

      up to 100 %

    • incl. cover for professional luggage

      Reimbursement in the event of damage or loss of luggage

      of which within the selected insured sum
      • Reimbursement of trade goods/sample collections
      • Reimbursement of computer equipment (incl. software)
      • Reimbursement of hire of replacement computer
      • Reimbursement of givaways

      selectable between
      € 2,000 and € 11,000

      up to 20 %
      up to 50 %
      up to 10 %
      up to 100 %

      Restoration of computer administration data

      up to € 436

      Assistance and reimbursement of costs for procuring replacement documents

      up to 100 %

      In the event of robbery, theft or loss of means of payment/travel documents: immediate help anywhere in the world, means of payment forwarded

      up to € 1.460

      Delayed arrival of luggage at destination: reimbursement for necessary purchases

      up to € 360
      after 24 hours:
      up to € 750

    • Technical assistance and accident assistance at the place of damage

      up to € 220

      Rescue of vehicle following breakdown or accident

      up to 100 %

      Costs of transport following breakdown or accident (to nearest contractual workshop

      up to € 220

      Assistance in the event of loss of vehicle following breakdown, accident or loss

      up to 100 %

      Transport of spare parts

      up to 100 %

      Garaging following failure of vehicle (up to max. 2 weeks)

      up to 100 %

      Customs clearance for vehicle and scrapping

      up to 100 %

      Overnight accommodation in the event of vehicle failure

      up to € 365

      Car rental in the event of vehicle failure
      (if vehicle is returned in a country other than the country in which the vehicle was hired)

      up to € 510
      up to € 750

      Vehicle return in the event of loss of driver (with chauffeur)

      up to 100 %

      Return transport for vehicle within the home country

      up to € 750

      Return transport for vehicle from abroad to the home country

      up to € 2.180

    • Damage to property and personal injury lump sum

      up to € 750.000

      In the event of arrest or threat of arrest abroad:
      Assistance in procuring a lawyer/interpreter
      Advance for lawyer
      Advance for security in criminal proceedings

      up to € 2.000
      up to € 10.000

  • The premium is calculated on the basis of the following factors:

    • Selected modules
    • Selected insured sums
    • Number of days of travel (worldwide, Europe and Austria)
    • Individual risk factors
    • For module E: number of company vehicles


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Brochure CTI and Questionnaire

You will find the Corporate Travel Insurance brochure (German) with all information and application form/questionnaire in pdf file format below (available in German).

CTI-Folder (pdf 614 kb)

CTI-Fragebogen (pdf 180 kb)


What Europäische covers

Because business trips abroad are no rarity for some employees of the construction company S., the company has maintained a Corporate Travel Insurance (CTI) policy with Europäische Reiseversicherung for years.
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