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Buy once and insure all your employees

Sometimes the decision to make a business trip is a spontaneous one. In the resulting rush, it is easy to neglect to purchase appropriate travel insurance. With Corporate Travel Insurance, you no longer have to worry about the well-being of your employees on trips. You insure all employees on all business trips with a single contract. With the individual, modular system, you choose your own custom insurance solution.

With the Basic module: Assistance Services, your employees can contact an experienced team around the clock for medical and tourist emergencies. In addition, you can also choose from the modules of Medical Services, Travel accident insurance, Unforeseen change of travel arrangements, Travel luggage insurance, Assistance with all aspects of motor vehicles and Travel personal liability.

  • Insurance protection for business trips worldwide
  • Individual, customised solution thanks to modular system
  • One contract for all business trips by all employees with annual billing according to the specific travel volume.
  • No specification of names or individual trips is required
  • No double insurance, no coverage gaps
  • Insurance protection for work-related luggage, including technical equipment
  • Insurance protection even for manual activities

Request form for Proposal

  • With CTI, you take out one policy to cover all business travel for all employees for the entire year. On the basis of the modules and insurance sums selected, the provisional number of days of business travel, and individual risk factors, we create a tailor made proposal for your company. With the policy, you receive the “emergency cards” containing important contact information for your employees.
    At the end of the insurance year you notify us of the actual number of days of business travel undertaken. If this is different from the number notified at the start of the year, the premium is adjusted. The contract is automatically extended.

    Where and when does cover apply?

    Cover applies on business trips world wide including Austria (module E applies in Europe only).
    The maximum duration of any one trip is 90 days.
    Business trips are deemed to be all trips and periods of time spent abroad which are directly connected with the insured’s profession, company or paid instruction issued by the policyholder.

    Which persons are insured?

    Insured are all persons undertaking business trips on the instruction of the policyholder and/or at the policyholder’s cost.

    What benefits are covered?

    Cover is provided in the context of the selected modules and insured sums. The insured sum in each case represents the maximum payment made by the insurer in respect of all claims per insured person per event of loss.

    What insurance conditions apply?

    The contractual basis for the provision of cover are the Insurance conditions for Corporate Travel Insurance CTI 2003 (VCTI 2003).

  • Employer’s liability
    Statutory regulations envisage far-reaching liability of the employer for employees during business trips. This liability extends from health insurance abroad to the duty to provide for transport home, and also includes liability for the employee’s private possessions.
    • § 130 ASVG: Health insurance cover abroad
    • § 1157 ABGB in conjunction with § 2 (3) AVRAG: Duty to provide for transport home
    • § 1014 ABGB: Risk liability for private possessions of the employee

    Read more in the liability opinion of RA Dr. Andreas Grassl (in German): pdf / HTML

    Securing against financial risks

    Particularly in small and medium sized enterprises, home transport by ambulance jet for example (up to € 150,000) can constitute an expense threatening the very existence of the company. With CTI business trip insurance you can minimise the financial risks arising from the employer's liability.

    Professional emergency management

    In addition to the financial considerations, prompt and professional help in emergencies can represent an important reason for taking out business travel insurance. With CTI, you benefit from the professional emergency management service provided by Europäische Reiseversicherung. Over 41,000 claims a year are dealt with - more than 1,550 are emergencies world wide in which we provide help.

  • The 2008 ABTA study of business travel revealed:

    • Companies and employees are not informed about hazards during business trips
    • Emergencies during business trips can put the continued existence of SMEs at risk
    • 41% of companies feel their insurance cover is insufficient
    • 62,000 companies in Austria do not have any cover for business trips
    • If they do have cover, this is most likely to have been provided by Europäische Reiseversicherung


Brochure CTI and Questionnaire

You will find the Corporate Travel Insurance brochure (German) with all information as well as the application form in pdf file format below (available in German).

CTI-Folder (pdf 614 kb)

CTI-Fragebogen (pdf 180 kb)


What Europäische covers

Because business trips abroad are no rarity for some employees of the construction company S., the company has maintained a Corporate Travel Insurance (CTI) policy with Europäische Reiseversicherung for years.



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