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  • Yes, the definition of insured persons is broadly framed. Anyone who is engaging in business travel on behalf of the insurance holder and/or at the insurance holder’s expense is covered.
    As a result, it does not matter whether the covered persons are engaged through a service contract or in a full employment relationship.

  • It is important to note whether the insurance also applies to business trips and whether the risk of work-related manual labour is also covered. The insurance coverage for luggage should be checked to determine whether business-related luggage is also covered.
    In principle, companies are liable for nearly all risks encountered by employees on business trips. Employers must therefore take appropriate measures.

  • The physicians at the emergency call centre consult with the physicians on site regarding suitability for transport and the means of conveyance. In all cases, the insured has a right to return transport after 3 days in hospital. In practice, we bring our patients back to Austria or their homeland as quickly as possible.

  • 1. Call the emergency hotline
    We are here for you 24 hours a day, in German and many other languages

    2. Identify the caller and explain the situation
    You tell us the policy number or company name, give the names of affected persons and describe the emergency.

    3. Assistance is organised immediately
    This is guaranteed by a professional emergency call centre with support from Austrian emergency doctors and specialists and a global assistance network.

    4. Cost coverage
    In emergencies, we make direct payments to the hospital or other service provider.

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Brochure CTI and Questionnaire

You will find the Corporate Travel Insurance brochure (German) with all information and application form/questionnaire in pdf file format below (available in German).

CTI-Folder (pdf 614 kb)

CTI-Fragebogen (pdf 180 kb)


What Europäische covers

Because business trips abroad are no rarity for some employees of the construction company S., the company has maintained a Corporate Travel Insurance (CTI) policy with Europäische Reiseversicherung for years.
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