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School children and student-cover

For language holidays, school trips, project weeks, for children, teenagers and students. With our cover for school pupils and students on language, cultural or sports tours, you have all-round protection.
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If you are not sure at present whether you will be well again by the date on which the trip starts …please use the Europäische StornoCheck.

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The possibility to file your claim online helps you to exercise your rights quickly and without red tape. We will contact you as soon as we have received your full and complete documentation.

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We always aim to be within easy reach. To find the contact information you need, just choose from the full range of options listet.

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Dissatisfied customers frequently change provider without so much as a word.  Please don’t do that! For us to improve our services we need to hear your opinions, complaints, wishes and suggestions.

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Insurance conditions, claim forms and all available folders and fact sheets are available to download and can be used free of charge.

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A well prepared trip is a relaxing trip.


We are happy to assist you with handy tips and information.

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