Why offer an insurance product?

As a landlord or tourist organisation and/or tourism association, you are constantly confronted with cancellations. This almost always takes place at short notice – often at too short of notice in order to be able to limit the damages by arranging another rental.
In order to avoid frustrating or losing the guest, you are forced to bite into the sour apple and refrain from your revenue in favour of good will – or you end up losing the guest by charging them for the cancellation.
It does not have to be this way!
If the guest is insured and cancels Europäische Reiseversicherung will reimburse you for your losses – and your good relationship with your guest will be preserved!

You will find all insured reasons for cancellation within the respective insurance description.

What insurance policies can I broker?

As a landlord or tourist organisation and/or tourism association, you can choose from three cancellation policies to offer your guest:

Hotel Cancellation Plus
In addition to cancellation, also includes the following services: trip curtailment, delayed arrival, involuntary extension of holiday as well as search and rescue costs including helicopter rescue.
The Hotel Cancellation Plus can be taken out for trips costing up to € 12,000.-.

Hotel Cancellation Premium
In addition to the benefits of Hotel Cancellation Plus, this insurance also includes special cover and extensive benefits following an accident, such as transport to hospital, the cost of initial medical treatment, home transport or additional return travel costs, collection of vehicle following loss of driver and plaster cast payment.
In addition, further 23 reasons are covered in the event of the cancellation or curtailment of a trip, for example illness of care personnel, of work colleagues, illness of dog or cat and many more.
The Hotel Cancellation Premium can be taken out for trips costing up to € 18,000.-.

How can I offer the insurance policies?

1. Link*

You will receive a link encoded on your business, which you can send to your guests in the booking confirmation and which you can also put on your website. The guest takes out the desired hotel cancellation insurance directly with us via this link and pays the premium using the payment methods possible in the online purchase. In the following month. You will receive a commission for every transaction via this link.

* You will receive your personal link from us after concluding a partnership agreement.

2. Business portal * (for companies with deposit)

With a note in your booking confirmation, you offer your guest the service of transferring the insurance premium to you together with the deposit. After receipt of the premiums in your account, you take out the insurance in the business portal and the guest will automatically receive his insurance policy after entering the e-mail address. In the following month, the reported premium, minus your commission, will be offset against you. We also offer a short training session as well as suitable text examples for your booking confirmation.

* You will receive your access data for the business portal from us after concluding a partnership agreement

3. Interface * in hotel and online booking programs

Our many interfaces to hotel and online booking programs, correspondence managers and down payment tools make the insurance offer and take out very easy for you and your guests.

Our interfaces: Aida, Capcorn, Casablanca, Easybooking, Elite, Feratel (TVB), Fidelio, Gms Felix, Hotelnetsolutions, Hugo, Kognitiv, NCM, Protel, Reguest, Samera, Sitec, Websline, room software. Work is ongoing on further interfaces.

* Please contact your area manager for activation

How do I become a broker without incurring any fees?

For landlords and tourist organisations such as tourism associations, the partnership with Europäische Reiseversicherung is free of charge, contains no risks and has no minimum sales quota.

You can decide for yourself how intensely you would like to offer the insurance policies!

In order to receive a broker number, simply fill out our partnership agreement, select the desired offer variants and send us back the signed document.

You will receive the partnership agreement from your regional representative.

Will I receive a commission?

Yes. Due to your broker number (e.g. coded link, access to Business Portal, activation in one or more interfaces), all insurance conclusions of your guest are clearly assigned.
The amount of the commission depends on how you offer the insurance and which cooperation organizations you belong to. Your regional representative can tell you the exact amount of your commission.

Why Europäische Reiseversicherung?

Trust the safety of your guests and your revenue to the market leader!
With more than 110 years of experience in travel safety, prompt and competent claims settlement, reliability and personal consultation, a partnership with Europäische Reiseversicherung is one-of-a-kind!
No other insurer offers you an onsite regional representative with free training offers for your reservation team, potential analyses, optimisation consultations, tests of your reservation confirmation and the tourism know-how to tell you how best you can offer insurance protection to your guests!


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