What do I have to do if I would like to offer my guests cancellation insurance?

Send us an e-mail with your contact information to vertriebsservice@europaeische.at or to your regional representative and you will soon receive the partnership agreement by mail. Please fill out and sign the partnership agreement and send or mail it back to us. You will receive the data (link or log-in for Business Portal) within a very short time.

What is in it for me as a landlord or tourism association?

Quite a bit! Alongside the opportunity to earn commissions, you are safeguarding your revenues!
As soon as you inform your guests that you have cancellation conditions and that you offer an insurance policy for this, you can also send your uninsured guests a cancellation bill. After all, you pointed out the risk to them and offered them a solution against it.
In any case, you no longer have to be accommodating to your insured guests – Europäische Reiseversicherung will bear the losses in the event of an incident covered by the insurance policy.
As a tourism association, you ensure that the value creation in your region is maintained and that the landlords do not have to forego their revenues.

What options are there for offering insurance policies to the guests?

You can choose out of following options:

Option „Link“ – Completion by the guest

We will send you a link, provided with your agent number, which you can place on your website and/or in your e-mail booking confirmation. You point out to your cancellation conditions on your website or in your booking confirmation and refer to the possibility of hedging. Your guest is directly routed via a "mouse click" to the insurance conclusion for the selected product and takes out the insurance online. Payment can be made by credit card, EPS, Sofortüberweisung (Klarna), PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay. After completion of insurance, your guest will receive an e-mail confirmation including the policy number. As our partner, you will receive a monthly commission statement showing the name of the first insured guest, the policy number, the premium and your commission. The commission will be transferred to you.

Option „Business Portal“ – The Online-booking-platform for our partners

Completion by the partner

You get access to our Business Portal from the Europäische or from your regional representative.
After registration, you select the appropriate product for your guest and take out the insurance.
Depending on the selected payment option,  you will receive a commission statement on which your commissions are listed.

„Expert Mode“ – Especially for companies with deposit
If you have access to the Expert Mode, you can assure your guests in just THREE STEPS:
1. select a product
2. enter data/details
3. download policy as PDF or send it by e-mail

You will receive a commission statement on which your commissions are listed.

What costs will I incur as the broker?

None! To the contrary, you will receive a commission each time one of your guests concludes an insurance policy!

How are the commissions calculated?

Due to your broker number (e.g. coded link, Access to Business Portal), all insurance conclusions of your guest are clearly assigned. You will either receive the commissions subsequently on a monthly basis -, for Hogast/HGP members, subsequently once per year.
Payments will be made of amounts total € 7.- and up. Smaller amounts will be paid out cumulatively.

When does the insurance policy have to be concluded by?

Generally, the insurance should be taken out at the same time as the journey is booked. If the insurance is taken out on the basis of an insurance offer which has been sent with the booking confirmation, insurance taken out not later than five days after the journey is booked is deemed to have been taken out at the same time as the journey is booked.

If insurance is taken out after the day on which you make your travel booking, a “waiting period” applies in respect of cancellation benefits, i.e. the cancellation cover applies only from the 10th day after the insurance has been taken out (except in the case of accident, death or Act of God).
For example: your guest book the summer holiday in January and take out travel insurance on 1 March, the cover in respect of cancellation does not start until 11 March.

If you take out cover via the Internet site, your insurance policy will be immediately displayed and sent to you by email by way of confirmation.

If the total price of the trip is above the maximum insurance sum, how can the guest insure themself?

The maximum sum for trip cancellation per booking/event insured is € 12,000.- Hotel Cancellation Plus and € 18,000.- Hotel Cancellation Premium. Higher sums are only valid if approved in writing by Europäische Reiseversicherung. In the event of any questions, please contact your regional representative.

Is the insurance policy only valid if the policy holder themself falls ill?

No,insurance cover even applies, if a family member unexpectedly suffers an serious illness, a serious physical injury caused by an accident or dies.

Family members include ...

... the spouse (or registered life partner or live-in partner in a joint household), the children (stepchildren, children-in-law, grandchildren, foster children), the parents (step parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, foster parents), the siblings and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law of the insured person; in the case of registered life partner or live-in partner in a joint household also their children, parents and siblings.

What is necessary in order to submit an insured event?

The following documents are required for the processing of claims:

  • Insurance confirmation (policy)
  • Completely filled claim form (pdf) or Online Claim Report
  • Booking confirmation
  • Cancellation costs bill (incl. a certification from you that the premises could not be rented out or used)
  • Confirmation of the event covered by the insurance policy (e.g. mother/child pass, draft order, divorce suit, school leaving certificate, death certificate)
  • In the event of illness/accident:
    • Detailed medical statement/accident report (Part C on the claims form)
      in case of trip curtailment: medical statement made out at the holiday destination
    • Sick certificate from the public insurance company
    • Confirmation of prescribed medications

Who can claim the damages, the guest or the landlord?

The indemnity for trip cancellation/trip curtailment is payed out to the guest (if the guest has already paid the cancellation fee) or to the landlord or in case of search and rescue directly to the rescue company.

Who can I contact with additional questions?

Your regional representative will be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have. You can also contact our Service Center: +43/1/317 25 00-73930.


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