The satisfaction of our customers

In the regular customer satisfaction analysis, Europäische Reiseversicherung in 2020 was able to achieve an excellent satisfaction value with an average of 1.24. This analysis is based on an online survey of our customers about the satisfaction with the claims processing. Here you will find some of the partly very personal feedback.

Professional help in our situation

I would like to thank you very much, also on behalf of my wife, for the professional help in our situation. I would like to emphasize that traveling in Economy Class would have been impossible due to our injuries, and it was still very exhausting for both of us. We will not forget this support and we would like to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks again for the prompt and very simple / unbureaucratic discussion.

Unproblematic handling!!

We were very satisfied with the smooth handling and would like to thank you for it! Kind regards, Family R.

Easy handling, quick payment!

Claim handling was easy and payment was transfered quickly. I was positively surprised and will pass along my friends as well.

Quickly, hasslefree and without bureaucracy...

Quickly, hasslefree and without bureaucracy, exactly what one needs when a family members illness needs already all of your attention! Herzlichen Dank für die unaufgeregte Abwicklung!

Many, many thanks!

Thank you for your help and assistance and special regards to the physician in charge and whole staff. We were surprised by your awesome support.

In this emergency

Thanks very much. Please tell your colleague Mr. H. that I am very grateful to him and that he was my "little guardian angel" in this emergency situation. Everything worked out fine!

During my journey and illness

Thank you so much for everyone who helped me during my journey and illness !! Thank you for the great, fast and loving care! It was really reassuring to know that whoever was there was helping and also that you could only concentrate on being sick and everything else was taken care of!


Congratulations on these employees!

Thank you very much for the good and quick support after my accident in Side. I would particularly like to thank the two gentlemen in the emergency center for their commitment! Thanks again!



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