List of questions about the B2B business portal of Europäische travel insurance

  • How can I take out insurance?
    Search for the product you require under “POLICY”, fill out the fields and click on “take out for a fee”. Then print out the policy or send it to the customer by e-mail.

  • What has to be taken into consideration for the date of travel?
    Please specify the date of travel in days (not in nights). Tip: Use the calendar function. If you have made an error when entering the date of travel, you can delete the policy and take out a new one.

  • Where do I find the policies again?
    You will find all policies taken out under the “SEARCH” function. Policies you have just taken out are under “CURRENT POLICIES” and older policies are under “CONTRACT”. If you open the search screen and click on “SEARCH” without making a further entry, the system will show you all policies. You can sort them by clicking on the grey bar, e.g. by date of creation, insurance date, name A-Z/Z-A.
  • Can I change names or the date of travel?
    You can only cancel a previously issued policy and take out a new one.
  • What do I do if the premium changes, e.g. as a result of a rebooking?
    In this case, you cancel the policy and take out a new one.
  • Can I cancel a policy again?
    BP (business portal) - policies with an intermediary collection can be cancelled as follows:

    1.  On the day the policy is taken out, always: Select the policy using the function “SEARCH” – “CURRENT POLICIES” - and open by clicking on it. The policy is cancelled by clicking on the button “Cancel contract”.

    2. At a later date: You can also cancel a policy under “SEARCH” – “CONTRACT” up to 20 days before the date of travel. Please contact your regional support for cancellation requests at shorter notice.

    You cannot cancel IN - (= internet link) policies which were taken out by the customer / guest himself or through an interface in a booking programme. Please contact your regional support.
  • Where do I find the information sheets / product information relating to the insurance policies?
    Under Service – Downloads.
  • How do I apply for a claim?
    You can find claim forms under Service - Downloads

    You can also use “MAKING A CLAIM” in the business portal. Here you choose the type of claim and fill out the fields. The injured person is the policyholder; i.e. your guest or customer.

    You can also find detailed information on making a claim under “SERVICE” in the right-hand bar under “What should I do in the event of a claim”
  • Can I insure my own private trip? Is there a discount?
    We give active partners a discount.

    You can take out your desired insurance policy for your own personal requirements using the “EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT” (in “POLICY” in the right-hand side bar). You can view the group of people entitled to a discount from the list provided there.
  • Does the application for annual travel insurance policies still have to be sent to Europäische?
    Yes, following the conclusion of annual travel insurance policies, the application incl. SEPA mandate must be signed by the policyholder (or by the authorised party) and sent to Europäische.
  •  What is meant by “The payment was rejected by the paying agent”?
    In this case, please check the IBAN and BIC of the policyholder again. If the account data is correct, please contact your regional supervisor.
  • What happens if I forget my password?
    If you use a SINGLE USER (user name starts with SU followed by your intermediary/agency number), ONLY the sales support of Europäische can reset the password. Please send an e-mail to:

    If have your own log-in and no longer know your password, ONLY the administrator/manager can allocate a new password in manager access under user management.

    If you are a manager/administrator and have forgotten your password for user management, please send an e-mail to You will then receive a new password. 

    PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, newly allocated passwords must be changed when you first log in!

  • How do I receive insurance confirmation for the VISA submission or entry into Cuba, for example?
    For short-term contracts, these can be accessed 2 days after taking out the insurance by searching for the relevant contract. For worldwide coverage, the confirmation is also available in Spanish for entry into Cuba. Please request insurance confirmations for annual travel insurance policies by e-mail.