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How does CTI work?

How does CTI work?

With CTI, you take out one policy to cover all business travel for all employees for the entire year. On the basis of the modules and insurance sums selected, the provisional number of days of business travel, and individual risk factors, we create a tailor made proposal for your company. With the policy, you receive the “emergency cards” containing important contact information for your employees.
At the end of the insurance year you notify us of the actual number of days of business travel undertaken. If this is different from the number notified at the start of the year, the premium is adjusted. The contract is automatically extended.

Where and when does cover apply?

Cover applies on business trips world wide including Austria (module E applies in Europe only).
The maximum duration of any one trip is 90 days.
Business trips are deemed to be all trips and periods of time spent abroad which are directly connected with the insured’s profession, company or paid instruction issued by the policyholder.

Which persons are insured?

Insured are all persons undertaking business trips on the instruction of the policyholder and/or at the policyholder’s cost.

What benefits are covered?

Cover is provided in the context of the selected modules and insured sums. The insured sum in each case represents the maximum payment made by the insurer in respect of all claims per insured person per event of loss.

What insurance conditions apply?

The contractual basis for the provision of cover are the Insurance conditions for Corporate Travel Insurance CTI 2003 (VCTI 2003).

What to do in case of emergency

Don't worry, we've made it as simple as possible. Make your claim online or download the relevant form - fast and without bureaucracy.

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