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More for your safety

Because something unforeseen can always happen. Complete+Cover offers extensive cancellation and travel protection for your trip by airplane, bus, rail, car, motorcycle, bicycle or on foot – in Europe or around the world.

The “plus”: With Complete+Cover you benefit from extended reasons for cancellation, increased insurance sums, cover for subsquent travel as part of the protection for delay  and new value cover for your travel luggage.

If you want to travel without worries, we recommend Complete+Cover.

Overview of benefits:

  • Trip cancellation: with extended reasons for cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • Protection for delay: incl. subsequent travel costs and with increased sums insured
  • Travel luggage: with new value cover and increased sums insured
  • Search and rescue: with increased sums insured
  • Travel health insurance abroad including transport home: with increased sums insured, e.g. inpatient treatment up to 1,000,000 euros, accommodation in the event of delayed return journey or visit to a sick person up to 1,500 euros and extended benefits in the event of an existing illness unexpectedly becoming acute
  • Travel personal liability
  • Assistance in the event of arrest or threatened arrest abroad: with increased sums insured
  • 24-hour emergency service and immediate assistance worldwide


Info Sheet with Insurance Conditions

Basic information about benefits,
premiums and insurance conditions in
pdf file format.

    Info Sheet


    What Europäische covers

    Dietmar P. books a trip to the USA. He takes out a Complete+Cover policy when he makes the booking.
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