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If you are not sure at present whether you will be well again by the date on which the trip starts …
… do not hesitate and use the Europäische StornoCheck.
You can discuss your concerns with an experienced Europäische doctor who is a specialist in travel medicine, and who will advise you over the phone free of charge, providing a recommendation as to whether it would be advisable not to travel and if it would make sense to cancel at this point. However, if there is any prospect of your getting better you can await the start of the trip, reassured that once the consultation has taken place the risk of possibly higher cancellation costs will be borne by Europäische.

StornoCheck  – a simple procedure:

Send an email immediately to:

providing the following details:

  • name
  • date of travel and currently arising cancellation costs
  • policy number
  • telephone number on which we can contact you
  • medical certificate (if available)

A doctor specialising in travel medicine will telephone you and consider the situation

After 2 days at the latest you will receive the doctor’s recommendation as to whether
you should cancel or wait

The cancellation risk is only covered if the requirements for cover as set out in the applicable conditions of insurance are fulfilled and no grounds for exclusion (which are not part of the StornoCheck procedure) apply.

Do you have questions regarding StornoCheck:

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