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Annual Travel Insurance


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Insurance conditions, claim forms as well as brochures and many documents more can be found here for you to download.

Info Sheet with Insurance Conditions

Benefits, premiums, information on how to make a claim as well as underlying conditions for each travel insurance product to download.

Travel Insurance Conditions

Our travel insurance conditions (pdf) are listed below for you to download.
Please note, that only those parts shall apply which correspond to the scope of benefits of your insurance package.

from November 2013 ERV-RVB 2013 (pdf)
from November 2011 ERV-RVB 2011 (pdf)
from November 2009 ERV-RVB 2009 (pdf)

GTC and Privacy Statement

This information (pdf) is listed below for you to download.

GTC for Online Contracts (pdf)
Privacy Statement (pdf)

Affiliates - Download:

Especially for our sales partner, who intend to embed their link url in a banner or logo:

Productfolder Corporate Travel Insurance (CTI)

Corporate Travel Insurance (CTI) is available as brochure with all information and registration form here for you to download in German.

Checklist Trip Preparation

When you have to remember a thousand things, a checklist helps. Prepare, tick off and be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything. Download the checklist in German



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