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Cancellation insurance for one conference

Conference Attendee Cancellation Insurance

Important Information and Insurance Conditions

All information on this insurance product, such as Insurance Product Information document, Coverage description with insured benefits and premiums, Terms and Conditions as well as withdrawal rights, complaints procedure and data processing can be found by clicking Product information.

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Overview of benefits

  • Cancellation cover
  • Interruption

What Europäische covers

Despite her excellent medical training, Mrs Rosi R. places a lot of value on further training and registers for an upcoming doctors’ conference. Two days before the conference, she has an accident while cycling and breaks her wrist. Unfortunately, she is now unable to take part in the conference. As she has taken out Conference Attendee Conference Insurance, Europäische covers the costs of cancelling her attendance at the conference as well as her hotel accommodation.

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Frequently asked questions

I would also like cancellation cover for travel costs – can I do that?

Additionally booked travel services such as single or return journey or accommodation can also be included in the Conference Attendee Cancellation Insurance, if these fall within a period of not more than 48 hours before the start of the conference and not more than 48 hours after the conference has ended.

What confirmation do I receive if I take out insurance online?

If you take out Conference Attendee Cancellation Insurance via our Internet site, your insurance policy will be displayed immediately by way of confirmation. You will also receive your policy by email within the following few minutes. In your insurance policy you will find full information on the insurance you have taken out, and the link to the information sheet, so that you can call up full information on the product at any time.

What reasons for cancellation are covered?

The list of all insured reasons for cancellation can be found in the information sheet. The most important reasons are:

  • suddenly occurring serious illness, serious health consequences resulting from an accident or death of the insured person or family members;
  • serious damage to your property at the place of residence as a result of act of God or criminal act of a third party;
  • loss of job without fault, as a result of notice of termination issued by the employer.

When do I have to take out insurance?

Conference Attendee Cancellation Insurance must be taken out before the start of the conference. If you take out cover via the Internet site, your insurance policy will be immediately displayed and sent to you by email by way of confirmation.

Please note however that if insurance is taken out after the day on which you make your conference booking, a “waiting period” applies, i.e. the cancellation cover applies only from the 10th day after the insurance has been taken out (except in the case of accident, death or act of God).
For example: if you book the conference in January and take out Conference Attendee Cancellation Insurance on 1 March, the cover does not start until 11 March.


What to do in case of emergency

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