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From searching for products to dealing with personal details and information – this is where you can learn about everything that might be of additional interest to you.  Of course, you can still contact us in person if you wish.

  • There are different ways to locate the most appropriate insurance products through the website:

    1. Get a Price: Calculator to compare travel insurances is to be found on homepage, left hand side in the header area. Choose a category 'Journeys abroad' or 'Vacation in Austria'. Get your personal premium calculated and compare available benefits. This way you will get your travel insurance policy, which is tailored precisely to your holiday and requirements.

    2. Select “Private trip” or “Business trip”.
    • Roll the mouse over for an instant list of all travel insurance products by product name.
    • Click the mouse to find the products that are listed especially by the areas of ‘Journeys abroad’, ‘Vacation in Austria’ and ‘Multi Travel insurance policies’.
  • The products of Europäische Reiseversicherung are available from over 1,200 travel agents and tour organisers, airlines, Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB), more than 3,200 lodgings as well as drivers’ clubs, insurance companies, insurance brokers and banks. Paying-in slips can also be requested direct from EUROPÄISCHE.

    E-mail: or Service Center tel. +43 1 317 25 00-73930.

  • At the end of the purchase, a summary of the purchased product will be shown on your screen. The summary contains information on the chosen product, the policy number, the insurance commencement date, the insurance conditions, the total cost including taxes, the scope of validity, the personal data of the insured, any details about the start of the trip, travel booking, etc.
    The insurance policy will also be sent by e-mail after the order has been placed, and contains information on the provider ID of EUROPÄISCHE and any right to cancel, as well as the Europäische Travel Insurance conditions and the General Terms and Conditions of the online shop.
    If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact our Premium Department (tel. +43 1 317 25 00-73920, e-mail: ). We recommend that you print out and take all of the documents with you on your trip. If you do not have a printer, please make a note of the insurance details, especially the emergency telephone number and the policy number. Please note that insurance cover is only guaranteed once the premium has been paid.

  • Payment is by credit card (VISA, Mastercard/Eurocard, American Express and Diners Club) or by direct debit. We have set high security standards and use the most secure and modern accounting systems available.

  • Personal data is dealt with in accordance with the prevailing data protection act. All of the data you supply is always encrypted before being transmitted. Data is not forwarded to third parties, directory publishers or direct marketing companies. For further questions on the topic of data security, please see our Privacy Statement or contact

  • By working together with the world’s largest assistance provider, Europ Assistance, which has 275 offices in 208 countries and regions, we are able to guarantee our customers competent and fast assistance through our competent and professionally trained emergency call centre, which can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    Emergency 24/7 hotline: +43 1 50 444 00



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+43 1 50 444 00

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