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From 1907 through to the 21st century, the historic events of the last 100 years and more are reflected in the corporate history of Europäische Reiseversicherung. It is also a history that is marked by entrepreneurial spirit, progress, expansion and innovation.


1907: Company established by Max von Engel at the same time as Europäische Güter- und Reisegepäckversicherungs-AG in Budapest with share capital of 300,000 crowns.

1908: Austrian board of directors appointed in Vienna.

1910: First contract with Austrian State Railways.

1923: Separate Austrian stock corporation established in Vienna.
Companies established with according names in other countries.

1939: Share capital to be transferred to Europäische Berlin.

1946: Europäische Güter- und Reisegepäckversicherungs-AG provisionally established in Vienna by way of a special authorisation.

1947: New founding of EUROPÄISCHE in Vienna with equity capital of ATS 250,000 ATS.

1960: Terms of insurance for luggage cover changed.

1961: Co-operation with ÖAMTC (Austrian Automobile Club) starts.

1970: General terms of insurance reviewed on account of increase in motorisation in the 1960s and growth in tourism.


1981: First party insurance introduced.

1984: insurance card launched.

1985: EUROPÄISCHE joins the IAE (ETI Group).

1986: Care Consult becomes a EUROPÄISCHE subsidiary.

1988: Shareholders Bundesländer, Wiener Allianz, Wiener Städtische withdraw from Europäische Reiseversicherung.

1991: Gulf war pushes premiums up to more than 27%

1999: The Nineties bring triplication of premiums after gulf war

2000: EUROPÄISCHE takes on products Holiday in Austria, Welcome to Austria and CTI for incoming und business customers.


2001: EUROPÄISCHE goes online - www.europaeische.at

2002: Travel-Safety-Policy introduced Gulet Touropa Touristik as partner of Europäische Reiseversicherung

2003: EUROPÄISCHE welcomes its 1.500th hotel partner

2004: EUROPÄISCHE enables Travel Insurance buy with mobile devices.

2005: Annual Travel Cover offering cancellation, sickness/accident and baggage cover on demand is marketed

2006: EUROPÄISCHE opens branch in Slovakia. http://www.europska.sk

2007: Market launch of EUROPÄISCHE in Russia and Ukraine as majority shareholder.
Celebrations due to the centenary of Europäische Reiseversicherung in the Vienna City Hall.

2008: Mag. Wolfgang Lackner becomes CFO and member of board.

2009: EUROPÄISCHE takes on product Complete Cover Plus and additional services Storno-Check.
Premium income surmounts Euro 50 Millions for the fist time.

2010: EUROPÄISCHE travel insurance products can be purchased in Slovienia. Majority share of EUROPÄISCHE in Russia and Ukraine goes to ERV-Munich.

2011: Europäische Reiseversicherung with CI relaunch.

2012: Europäische Reiseversicherung extend their travelinsurance range for vacations in Austria.

2013: Relaunch of Plus+packages for journeys abroad with enhanced benefits!

Slovenian Website Relaunch www.evropsko.si

2014: Dr. Martin Sturzlbaum retires from his position as CEO. Mag. Wolfgang Lackner has been named new chairman of the board of Europäische from 10.06.2014 on. Mag. (FH) Andreas Sturmlechner will join the management board.

Launch of the new Multi-Business Travel Cover for small and middle enterprises (SME). Relaunch of the Multi-Travel Cover for privates.

2015: The successfully established slovakian subsidiary was sold to Generali Slowakia as per 01.01.2015.

The annual General Assembly of the European Travel Insurance Group (ETIG) takes place in Vienna.



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