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Private travel

Multi Travel Insurance Policies

Annual-Travel-Cover Standard

Kleingedrucktes, das Wort insurance ist hervorgehoben.

Download: Information and Insurance Conditions

Here you will find in one document the legally standardized insurance product information document, the Fact Sheet with basic information about benefits, premiums and insurance conditions as well as the Information on Withdrawal, Complaints and Data Processing. 

Overview of benefits

  • travel cover (e.g. medical services abroad, return transport, luggage)
  • for the first 42 days of each trip
  • business and private trips
  • worldwide cover
  • no age limit, no excess
  • individually extendable scope of services

What Europäische covers

Mr E books a trip to Belek and takes out the Annual Travel-Cover Standard policy. However, the holiday does not go according to plan. While strolling through the centre of Antalya, Mr E falls so badly that he suffers several broken ribs and facial lacerations. He is immediately taken to hospital and receives emergency treatment. As he has to stay in hospital overnight for observation, Mr E’s son of minority age is brought to the hospital from the hotel to spend the night with his father there. Europäische pays the hospital costs and the costs of the son’s overnight accommodation, a total of 3,397 Euros.
191 Euros is paid by the social insurance.

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What to do in case of emergency

Don't worry, we've made it as simple as possible. Make your claim online or download the relevant form - fast and without bureaucracy.

24/7 EMERGENCY CALL: +43 1 50 444 00



All journeys and holidays on record - even offline without data roaming when abroad!

Direct call to operations centre with automatically generated emergency text message with GPS data.

Creditcard and mobile phone lock instructions, travel warning, checklists and more.

Business travellers - travel expenses via app, documents always available