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Annual-Travel-Cover Standard

Important Information and Insurance Conditions

All information on this insurance product, such as Insurance Product Information document, Coverage description with insured benefits and premiums, Terms and Conditions as well as withdrawal rights, complaints procedure and data processing can be found by clicking Product information.

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Overview of benefits

  • travel cover (e.g. medical services abroad, return transport, luggage)
  • for the first 42 days of each trip
  • business and private trips
  • worldwide cover
  • no age limit, no excess
  • individually extendable scope of services

What Europäische covers

Mr E books a trip to Belek and takes out the Annual Travel-Cover Standard policy. However, the holiday does not go according to plan. While strolling through the centre of Antalya, Mr E falls so badly that he suffers several broken ribs and facial lacerations. He is immediately taken to hospital and receives emergency treatment. As he has to stay in hospital overnight for observation, Mr E’s son of minority age is brought to the hospital from the hotel to spend the night with his father there. Europäische pays the hospital costs and the costs of the son’s overnight accommodation, a total of 3,397 Euros.
191 Euros is paid by the social insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the insurance also apply in respect of business trips?

Annual-Travel-Cover Standard also applies for business trips. If you are looking for cover for business luggage and the exercise of a professional manual activity, we recommend the additional package "Business luggage & manual activity".

How long does the insurance cover apply?

The insurance period is one year. Unless notice of termination is given by one of the contracting partners not later than one month before the expiry of the insurance agreement, the agreement is renewed for a further year.

My stay in hospital abroad lasts longer than the originally planned trip – how long does my insurance cover apply?

If you unexpectedly become ill during an insured trip, we reimburse the treatment costs (even if the originally planned end of your trip is already past) until such time as we can transport you back to Austria, for a maximum of 90 days following the occurrence of the insured event.

What are the options to extend insurance cover?

You have the option to extend the benefits of the Annual-Travel-Cover Standard individually with the following additional packages:

  • "Business luggage & manual activity"
    Additional insurance cover applies to Business luggage (Luggage) and for the exercise of a professional manual activity (Medical Services abroad and transport home).
  • "Duration of trip"
    The maximum insured duration per trip is extended from 42 days to 84 days.

What confirmation do I receive if I take out insurance online?

If you apply for Annual-Travel-Cover Standard via our Internet site, a confirmation of your application will be displayed immediately. You will also receive this confirmation by email within the following few minutes.

Following positive processing of your application, in the next few days you will receive by post your insurance policy with scope of benefits, conditions of insurance and emergency card.

Where and when does the insurance cover apply?

The insurance cover applies worldwide. The insurance covers max. the first 42 days of each holiday and business trip. Upon completion of the additional package „Duration of trip“ the insurance covers max. the first 84 days of each holiday and business trip.

The insurance cover during a journey begins with the leaving of the town of residence or of second residence or of the place of regular work, and ends with the return to such place, the prior expiry of the insurance or when the maximum insured duration of travel has been attained.

Journeys between the aforementioned places and field work activity are not covered by the insurance.

Who can be insured?

It is a precondition for cover that the insured person has their normal place of residence in Austria or South Tyrol.

  • Single:
    The single premium is per person (max. 7 persons per policy)

  • Family:
    The family tariff applies to up to 2 persons, regardless of family relationship, as well as their children (including foster children and adopted children) up to the age of 21 years. A joint residence is not required. The insured persons can be travelling separately or to different destinations at the same time.


What to do in case of emergency

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