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Looking for a travel medical insurance for your trip to Cuba or even a travel cancellation insurance?

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Maximum cover with CompleteCover.
Travel cancellation, travel luggage and medical travel insurance abroad - all part of the package and ideally for your travel to Cuba.

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Attention: Cuba - Don't forget insurance confirmation!

A visa requirement for Cuba is an existing insurance confirmation. Europäische Reiseversicherung provides you with this confirmation:

Simply write an email with

• your policy number
• names of insured persons
• travel dates
• and the country you will be travelling to

to and you will receive a confirmation, which is phased with the respective consulate, via email.


Safe. Relaxed. On the road
Taking out travel insurance for Cuba is not only essential for obtaining your visa. Statistically, every 50th vacationer suffers a claim. A single insurance policy can cover damage costing thousands of euros.

Travel health insurance is mandatory when traveling to Cuba. Europäische Reiseversicherung offers the right protection for your upcoming vacation in Cuba. Of course, all our travel insurances comply with the legal entry requirements. You can take out your individual travel insurance easily and conveniently.

Serious car accident while sightseeing in Cuba

A current example of how quickly a long-awaited vacation can take an unpleasant turn can be seen in the case of Lukas Schneider, who suffered a dramatic car accident in Cuba. Find out more


What to do in case of emergency

Don't worry, we've made it as simple as possible. Make your claim online - fast and without bureaucracy.

24/7 EMERGENCY CALL: +43 1 50 444 00



please fill in your policy data, it will be transferred together with your GPS-located address in case of emergency

The shortest connection to our emergency center, works even offline without internet access

Reisedoc, 24/7 connection to Austrian medical advice abroad

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