Travel insurance for vacations in Austria


Info Sheet with Insurance Conditions

Basic information about benefits, premiums and insurance conditions in pdf file format.

Overview of benefits

  • Medical services with transport home
  • Personal liability insurance
  • Choosable winter sports risk cover

What Europäische covers

Olga T. and husband Nikolei T. from Russia enjoyed their stay in Vienna so much that they decided to book a second holiday there. Again they chose to purchase Welcome-to-Austria insurance of Europäische Reiseversicherung.

Few days in their holiday Olga T. suffers from slight tooth ache. As the ache worsens overnight they visit a dentist on the next morning. Mrs. T. gets root canal treatment.

Europäische Reiseversicherung covers the costs in the amount of Euro 1.760,- in total.

What to do in case of emergency

Don't worry, we've made it as simple as possible. Make your claim online or download the relevant form - fast and without bureaucracy.

24/7 EMERGENCY CALL: +43 1 50 444 00


We provide a range of different travel insurance benefits and services. See useful services for you.



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