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Seminar-/Congress Organiser

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  • As a seminar or congress organiser as well as an event venue or hotel, you are constantly faced with often short-notice cancellations.
    To avoid annoying or losing a seminar or congress participant or business partner, you’d do well to forego turnover in favour of goodwill.
    Offering insurance lets you increase the chances of securing your income. Insured cancellations mean money for you without straining the business relationship.

  • You can place the partner link(s) you receive from us on your website and send it/them to the guest or business partner together with your booking confirmations. The guest takes out the insurance him/herself.
    All brokers receive the partner link free of charge on request.

  • Yes, registered partners receive commission for each policy taken out through the link encoded to them. You will be sent details on this at the time of registration.
    Your regional representative can tell you the exact amount of your commission.

  • Entrust the safety of your events and revenues to the market leader!

    Over 100 years of competence in trip protection, simple insurance arrangement, fast claim processing and personal attention are our trademarks



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