Grafik, männliche Person in Gespräch mit Ärztin

COVID-19 information on travel insurance

Information on COVID-19 in regards to travel insurance

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Boat in bay of Alonnisos

Greece - away from mass tourism

"Is it possible?" - "Yes, definitely," says Andrea Springer from Springer Reisen.

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Brandnew - This feeling...

Wohin die Reise auch geht: Mit dir fühl ich mich sicher! Hier ist unser neues Video zu unserer aktuellen Kampagne. Viel Vergnügen!

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Travel- and Insurancetipps

Schild mit Aufschrift Travel is good for the Soul

Why do I need annual travel insurance?

You travel more often than you think: Find out why travel insurance is important not only abroad...

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Picknickdecke mit Weingläsern vor Sonnenuntergang am Strand

Longing for the Sea

Sometimes you just have to get away to be happy.

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hotel reception vector graph

Vacation in Austria insurance cover and COVID-19

Information for customers and partners in hotel businesses in Austria

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Couple in a hotel room with luggage

Travelling in times of Covid-19? Yes, but how?

Why our travel insurance is a must-have right now...

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 Laptop, Sunglasses, holiday photos on a tableh

Covid-19 Travel Checklist

Traveltime starts over…

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Roadtrip to go

Ob Vignette, Pickerl oder Straßenmaut, so gut wie überall in Europa muss man eine Straßengebühr abliefern. Daher ist es ratsam, sich...

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Asian marketplace. Women at her market stand for fish and seafood

Do you travel sustainably?

What does travelling more sustainably mean?

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