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Important Information and Insurance Conditions

All information on this insurance product, such as Insurance Product Information document, Coverage description with insured benefits and premiums, Terms and Conditions as well as withdrawal rights, complaints procedure and data processing can be found by clicking Product information.

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Overview of benefits

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption: with comprehensive reasons for cancellation and interruption
  • Trip delay: additional costs for accommodation, meals and subsequent travel
  • Travel luggage: new value cover in the event of damage or loss, reimbursement of costs in the event of delayed luggage
  • Search and rescue: in the event of accident and distress at sea or in mountains up to € 80,000
  • Travel health insurance abroad: reimbursement of costs incurred, e.g. for outpatient and inpatient treatment up to € 1,000,000, organisation and coverage of costs for transport home
  • Travel personal liability up to € 750,000
  • Assistance in the event of arrest or threatened arrest abroad
  • 24-hour emergency service and immediate assistance

What Europäische covers

Friedrich und Martha L. are travelling trough southern Italy. One evening, Mr. L. suddenly feels very bad, with breathlessness and aches in his breast. The doctors in the hospital diagnose a pulmonary embolism. He has to stay in hospital for several days and afterwards Europäische Reiseversicherung organises the repatriation back to Austria and covers the total costs of about 10.000 Euro.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I take out travel insurance to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus?

Due to the current political and military situation, the sanctions, airspace closures and deactivated payment facilities we currently do not offer insurance for travel to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus.
For any trip abroad please inform yourself also about the current country-specific security advices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Status 11.03.2022

Does the insurance also apply in respect of business trips?

CoachRailCar-CompleteCover can also be taken out for business trips. Please note however that CoachRailCar-CompleteCover does not provide any cover for business luggage and manual activities that have to be carried out during the trip for professional reasons.
If you are looking for a product that offers cover in this situation also, we recommend our annual product Annual-CompleteCover extended with the additional package "Business luggage & manual activity". 

I am also using a ferry during my holiday – can I take out the CoachRailCar-CompleteCover for my trip?

Yes, if your actual means of transport is a coach, train or your own vehicle, and you are only using a ferry for a short part of your journey, you can still take out CoachRailCar-CompleteCover. For Mediterranean cruises, air travel and hire car (Fly & Drive) and similar trips, please select CompleteCover.

My stay in hospital abroad lasts longer than the originally planned trip – how long does my insurance cover apply?

If you unexpectedly fall ill during an insured trip, we reimburse the costs of inpatient treatment, even if the originally planned end of the trip has already passed, until we can transport you back to Austria.

What confirmation do I receive if I take out insurance online?

If you take out CoachRailCar-CompleteCover via our Internet site, your insurance policy and the complete Information will be displayed for download immediately by way of confirmation. You will also receive your policy by email within the following few minutes.

What countries count as Europe?

The CoachRailCar-CompleteCover applies in respect of trips in Europe.

The “Europe according to insurance conditions“ area of validity includes Europe in the geographical sense, Russia, all the Mediterranean states and islands, Jordan, Madeira, the Azores and the Canary Islands, with the exception of Syria and Crimea.
These states are, precisely: Egypt; Albania; Algeria; Andorra; Belgium; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Bulgaria; Denmark including the Faroe Islands (not Greenland); Germany; Estonia; Finland; France (excluding the overseas territories); Greece; Great Britain and Northern Island including the Shetland Islands, the Orkney Islands, Gibraltar, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man; Ireland; Iceland; Israel including the Gaza strip, West Jordan and the Golan Heights; Italy; Jordan; Kosovo; Croatia; Latvia; Lebanon; Libya; Liechtenstein; Lithuania; Luxemburg; Macedonia; Malta; Morocco (not the western Sahara occupied by Morocco); Moldavia; Monaco; Montenegro; the Netherlands; Norway including Spitzbergen; Bear Island and Jan Mayen Island; Austria; Poland; Portugal including Madeira and the Azores; Romania; Russia; San Marino; Sweden; Switzerland; Serbia; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain including the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla; the Czech Republic; Tunisia; Turkey; Ukraine; Hungary; the Vatican State; Byelorussia; Cyprus.

For trips to other countries, we recommend CompleteCover.

When can I take out the family tariff?

The family tariff applies to up to 7 persons travelling together, not more than 2 of whom are adults (21th birthday before the date of the start of the trip).
These persons do not have to be related to each other. A joint residence is not required.
When the premium is being calculated the family tariff is automatically proposed if this is more favourable for you than the single tariff and you enter a maximum of 7 persons of whom not more than 2 are adults.

When do I have to take out insurance?

Provided you have not started your trip, you can take out a CoachRailCar-CompleteCover policy. If you take out cover via the Internet site, your insurance policy and the complete Information will be displayed for download immediately by way of confirmation. You will also receive your policy by email within the following few minutes. Insurance policies with trip cancellation benefits must be taken out within 3 days of booking the trip at the latest. If the insurance is taken out after this date, trip cancellation insurance cover is only provided for events that occur from the 10th day after the insurance is taken out (excluding accident, death or Act of God). Please note the special provision on "Pregnancy" as the reason for cancellation, under Section 11 subsection 2.1.5. of Insurance Conditions.
For example: if you book your summer holiday in January and take out travel insurance on 1 March, the cover in respect of cancellation does not start until 11 March.


What to do in case of emergency

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