for large companies

for large companies

Safety on business trips

Like vacation trips, business trips can take unexpected turns. Accidents or illness can put both the traveller and the entrepreneur in major and, for them, sometimes unsolvable exceptional situations. 

Statistically, every 40th traveller needs service from his or her travel insurance although no one can know in advance if and what will happen to him or her. A medical emergency causes average costs of 50,000 Euros, in difficult cases the costs can reach up to 200,000 Euros. These costs abroad on busniess trips must be paid by the employer, if no adequate travel insurance has been chosen for their employees. Employers are legally responsible (§ 3 and § 4 ASchG, § 130 ASVG) for the safety and health protection of their employees on busniess trips abroad. The duty of care (§ 1157 ABGB) obliges them to provide the employees with adequate medical treatment in accordance with the Austrian standard of medical care and to cover the costs. An SME can therefore be confronted with serious problems due to an accident or illness of an employee on business trips and quickly reach the limits of its liquidity.

An individual offer can be prepared on request for companies with more than 50 employees or 750 travel days per year. Please send the completed questionnaire (pdf, 507kb) to


Crisis management

Global network in more than 200 countries and regions ensures rapid and competent assistance

Companies require professional crisis management for global travel activities. This is provided by Europ Assistance with its global service network with 40 operations centres in more than 200 countries and regions for providing rapid and competent help around the clock. Contact is available 24 hours a day in the respective native tongue.

The doctor accompanies business travellers

With a business travel insurance, you also benefit from our Reisedoc service.

An Austrian doctor is here to help, simply by clicking on "Reisedoc" in the MEINE URLAUBERIA app – any time, 24/7. Even minor aches and pains can be clarified with a doctor through confidential consultation.
No doctor's visit abroad, no waiting time, no costs. In case of an emergency and if medical treatment is necessary, you will be forwarded directly to the operations center and accompanied until you return home safely.

Tele-Traveldoc and Emergency App

  • Enter your policy number. In an emergency, it will be transmitted along with your current address via GPS tracking
  • The shortest connection to the emergency call center, works even without internet access
  • Tele-Traveldoc, a 24/7 connection to the Austrian doctor for quick medical advice when travelling
  • Simple and quick transmission of a claim
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