Corporate Travel Insurance

for business travels

Insures your employees and the company during the entire business trip without any administrative effort. You enjoy global insurance protection, even if you have to do manual work for a job.

Important Information and Insurance Conditions

Insurance companies are obliged to create and list the most important product information for legal reasons. The following link takes you to the product information area, where we summarize everything about this travel insurance: the Insurance Product Information document, Coverage description with insured benefits and premiums, Terms and Conditions as well as the information on the right of withdrawal, complaint options and data processing.

Product information

Overview of benefits

  • Travel cover (e.g. medical services abroad, return transport, luggage)
  • for the first 42 days of each business trip
  • worldwide cover
  • automatic cover from the time the employee leaves the normal place of work
  • includes cover for business luggage
  • includes cover for professionally necessary manual activity
  • better value than individual policies
  • high level of cover, no excess
  • premium payments can be claimed against tax as operating expenses
  • choice between single and flat rate
  • subsequent travel costs in cover for delay
  • new value cover in the event of loss of or damage to luggage
  • increased insured amounts (e.g. medical services abroad, search and rescue, luggage)

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What Europäische Reiseversicherung covers

Mayla K. travels by train to Frankfurt as an employee of an Austrian company. When she gets off the train at the station, her travel trolley, containing her clothes, hardware and documents is stolen. Europäische Reiseversicherung pays the costs of the stolen items in the amount of 1,753 Euros.

Frequently asked questions

Due to the current political and military situation, the sanctions, airspace closures and deactivated payment facilities we currently do not offer insurance for travel to Israel, to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus.
For any trip abroad please inform yourself also about the current country-specific security advices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Status 09.10.2023

Please contact our Service Center by email or by calling +43 1 317 25 00

The insurance period is one year. Unless notice of termination is given by one of the contracting partners not later than one month before the expiry of the insurance agreement, the agreement is renewed for a further year.

If you unexpectedly fall ill during an insured trip, we reimburse the costs of inpatient treatment until we can transport you back to Austria, even if the originally planned end of the trip has already passed.

If you apply for Corporate Travel Insurance via our Internet site, a confirmation of your application will be displayed immediately. You will also receive this confirmation by email within the following few minutes. Following positive processing of your application, in the next few days you will receive your insurance policy by post with scope of benefits, conditions of insurance and emergency card.

The insurance covers the first 42 days of every business trip during the agreed insurance period. 

A business trip is deemed to be:

  • the company-ordered temporary absence of the insured employee from their place of residence or regular place of work
  • the temporary professional absence of the self-employed entrepreneur/managing director/board of directors from their place of residence or place of regular work

Leisure activities undertaken during the business trip are included in the cover. Work-free days which are appended directly before or during or after the business trip at the same place are deemed to be a co-insured part of the business trip, provided the costs in respect of the extended stay and the premature/delayed arrival/departure are entirely paid by the policyholder.

Work journeys by vehicle or on foot at the place of residence, the place where the normal workplace is situated, and between these places or in the context of field work activity are not deemed to be business trips. 

Field work is defined as work performed by the employee predominantly outside the company's registered office. In particular, this includes activities as sales staff, customer service staff, technical service staff, construction workers, lorry drivers, chauffeurs in passenger transport, who mainly perform their activities outside the company's registered office. For these people, please select the tariff “ persons involved in field service activity” under “Variant Single: Certain employees (names required)”.

The insurance cover begins with the leaving of the town of residence or of the place where the normal workplace is situated, and ends with the return to such place, the prior expiry of the insurance or when the maximum insured duration of travel has been attained.

Insurance coverage applies worldwide, with the exception of Afghanistan, Belarus, Myanmar (Burma), Iran, Crimea, North Korea, Russia, Syria and Venezuela. 

Depending on the tariff the following persons can be insured:

  • Single: applies for certain employees of a company (names required; max. 50 persons per policy)
  • Flat rate: applies for all employees of a company (max. 50 employees; max. 750 travel days per year). For companies with more than 50 employees or 750 travel days per year, an individual offer will be prepared on request, to
    The employees are not named in the policy. Employees are self-employed entrepreneurs, managing directors, board members and all employees who are in an ongoing employment relationship with the company during the insurance period. 

It is a precondition for cover that the company is based in Austria or South Tyrol.

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Tele-Traveldoc and Emergency App

  • Enter your policy number. In an emergency, it will be transmitted along with your current address via GPS tracking
  • The shortest connection to the emergency call center, works even without internet access
  • Tele-Traveldoc, a 24/7 connection to the Austrian doctor for quick medical advice when travelling
  • Simple and quick transmission of a claim
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