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Business travel

Multi Travel Insurance Policies for businesses

Employers are liable for employees on business trips

An important aspect that is still underestimated by companies and entrepreneurs is the liability of the employer towards his employees. Annual business travel insurance is specially designed for these needs.

Corporate Travel Insurance

With Corporate Travel Insurance (CTI) you no longer have to worry about the well-being of your employees. With a custom modular system you decide on your tailor-made travelinsurance solution.

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Annual Business Travel+Cover

Your employees get extensive, worldwide cover when travelling. Plus: additional advantages

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Annual Business Travel-Cover Standard

Provides cover for all employees during all business trips, without any administrative hassle. Your employees have the benefit of worldwide cover even when carrying out manual activity in the course of their professional duties.

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Tipp for entrepreneurs!
Want to insure your private trips as well? See our Multi-Travel Cover for private travel with choosable additional  package “business luggage & manual activity”.

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