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Important Information and Insurance Conditions

All information on this insurance product, such as Insurance Product Information document, Coverage description with insured benefits and premiums, Terms and Conditions as well as withdrawal rights, complaints procedure and data processing can be found by clicking Product information.

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Overview of benefits

  • Trip cancellation and trip interruption: with comprehensive reasons for cancellation and interruption

What Europäische covers

Ms O. books a 3-day city break to Rome. To make sure she is well protected, she takes out a CancellationCover policy.

A week before the longed-for holiday her father has a heart attack and has to stay in intensive care. The holiday is immediately cancelled so that Ms O. can be with her father. The cancellation costs amount to 65% of the cost of the holiday.

The costs, which amount to Euro 725, are paid in full by Europäische Reiseversicherung.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the insurance also apply in respect of business trips?

CancellationCover can also be taken out for business trips.

What confirmation do I receive if I take out insurance online?

If you take out CancellationCover via our Internet site, your insurance policy and the complete information will be displayed for download immediately by way of confirmation. You will also receive your policy by email within the following few minutes.

What reasons for cancellation are covered, and who is authorised to cancel?

The most important insured reasons for cancellation are:

  • unexpectedly occurring serious illness, serious health consequences resulting from an accident or death of the insured person or family members;
  • existing illness of the insured person or family members, if it unexpectedly becomes medically acute;
  • serious damage to your property at the place of residence as a result of act of God or criminal act of a third party;
  • pregnancy, if the pregnancy is only determined after the policy has been taken out, or severe pregnancy complications;
  • loss of job without fault, as a result of notice of termination issued by the employer;
  • unforeseen taking up of a new employment relationship;
  • submission of an action for divorce, petition for dissolution or dissolution of the relationship of two partners living together before the trip to be undertaken jointly by the spouses or partners concerned;
  • unexpectedly occurring serious illness, or serious physical injury caused by an accident, of a dog, cat or horse (pets) whose permanent owner is the insured, making your presence absolutely necessary;
  • neighbourly assistance by the insured in the event of a disaster.

 All insured reasons for cancellation can be found in the Complete Information.

Who is authorised to cancel?

If an insured event occurs (e.g. a person falling sick), the following insured co-travellers can also cancel:

  • family members of the insured person affected;
  • a maximum of six further persons per insured event.

When do I have to take out insurance?

Provided you have not started your trip, you can take out a CancellationCover policy. If you take out cover via the Internet site, your insurance policy and the complete Information will be displayed for download immediately by way of confirmation. You will also receive your policy by email within the following few minutes.

Please note however that if insurance is taken out later than three days after the booking date, a “waiting period” applies in respect of cancellation benefits, i.e. the cancellation cover applies only from the 10th day after the insurance has been taken out (except in the case of accident, death or act of God).

For example: if you book your summer holiday in January and take out travel insurance on 1 March, the cover in respect of cancellation does not start until 11 March.


What to do in case of emergency

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