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Cancellation- and accident cover for hotelbookings

Hotel Cancellation Plus

Important Information and Insurance Conditions

All information on this insurance product, such as Insurance Product Information document, Coverage description with insured benefits and premiums, Terms and Conditions as well as withdrawal rights, complaints procedure and data processing can be found by clicking Product information.

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Overview of benefits

  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip curtailment
  • Delayed arrival
  • Involuntary extension of holiday
  • Search and rescue including helicopter rescue

What Europäische covers

For their winter holiday, Edith und Peter K. prefer visiting domestic ski regions with their children Marlene and Kevin. They do not take the risks of winter sports lightly and purchase Hotel Cancellation Plus from Europäische Reiseversicherung. They barely finish the drive to their destination when 15-year-old Kevin injures himself seriously during the first run. Kevin is transported by helicopter to the nearest hospital. The costs for the rescue of Euro 6,358 are fully covered by Europäische Reiseversicherung.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I take out travel insurance to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus?

Due to the current political and military situation, the sanctions, airspace closures and deactivated payment facilities we currently do not offer insurance for travel to Ukraine, Russia or Belarus.
For any trip abroad please inform yourself also about the current country-specific security advices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
Status 11.03.2022

Does the insurance also apply in respect of business trips?

Hotel Cancellation Plus can also be taken out for business trips.

I would also like cancellation cover for travel costs – can I do that?

Hotel Cancellation Plus insures the trip booked at the time of conclusion of the insurance - e.g. hotel or rental arrangement. Additionally booked benefits and travel expenses can be insured.

What confirmation do I receive if I take out insurance online?

If you take out Hotel Cancellation Plus via our Internet site, your insurance policy will be displayed immediately by way of confirmation. You will also receive your policy by email within the following few minutes. In your insurance policy you will find full information on the insurance you have taken out, and the link to the information sheet, so that you can call up full information on the product at any time.

What reasons for cancellation are covered, and who is authorised to cancel?

The list of all insured reasons for cancellation can be found in the insurance conditions on Product information page. The most important reasons are:

  • unexpected serious illness, serious bodily injury caused by an accident, unexpected acute onset of an existing illness or consequence of an accident, fracture or loosening of implanted joints or adverse reaction of the insured person to a vaccination
  • unexpected serious illness, serious bodily injury caused by an accident, unexpected acute onset of an existing illness or consequence of an accident, fracture or loosening of implanted joints or death (including suicide) of family members or other close friend or relative, as a result of which the presence of the insured person is required. The close friend or relative must be named to the insurer in writing when the insurance is taken out; only one close friend or relative may be named per booking
  • significant material damage to the property of the insured person at one of his or her places of residence as a result of an Act of God (flood, storm, etc.), fire, burst water pipe or criminal act committed by a third party, as a result of which the presence of the insured person is necessary;
  • loss of employment through no fault of the insured person as a result of termination of employment by the employer;

Who is authorised to cancel?

If an insured event occurs (e.g. a person falling sick), the following insured co-travellers can also cancel:

  • family members of the insured person affected;
  • a maximum of six additional persons per insured event.

When do I have to take out insurance?

Insurance policies with trip cancellation benefits must be taken out within 3 days of booking the trip at the latest. If the insurance is taken out after this date, trip cancellation insurance cover is only provided for events that occur from the 10th day after the insurance is taken out (excluding accident, death or Act of God). Please note the special provision for "Pregnancy" as the reason for cancellation, under Section 11, subsection 2.1.3.

For example: if you book your summer holiday in January and take out travel insurance on 1 March, the cover in respect of cancellation does not start until 11 March.
If you take out cover via the Internet site, your insurance policy will be immediately displayed and sent to you by email by way of confirmation.


What to do in case of emergency

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