Travel insurance confirmation for Visa

Need a confirmation?

Some countries demand a confirmation that you hold a valid medical travel insurance in order to permit visa. Europäische Reiseversicherung provides quite a hassle-free service for you for that purpose.

Write down an email with

  • your policy number
  • the names of the insured persons,
  • the travel date
  • and the information for which travel country the document is required

to and you will receive the confirmation agreed with the respective consulate from us via email.

Tele-Traveldoc and Emergency App

  • Enter your policy number. In an emergency, it will be transmitted along with your current address via GPS tracking
  • The shortest connection to the emergency call center, works even without internet access
  • Tele-Traveldoc, a 24/7 connection to the Austrian doctor for quick medical advice when travelling
  • Simple and quick transmission of a claim
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