Jetlag? No way!

Tired man lies on a pillow.

If you travel far away, the next jet lag is almost inevitable. With our tips you can avoid jet lag in the future.

If you are flying east
Try to adjust to the local time a few days before your flight. Go to sleep earlier and get up earlier. This will help you get used to the shortened day more quickly.

If you are flying west
When flying west, you should do the exact opposite: go to sleep later so you wake up later. In this way, you shift your internal clock backwards and adapt to local time more quickly.


Avoid sleeping pills
Taking sleeping pills is unsuitable because they confuse the organism even more. Natural aids such as sleeping masks or calm music are better.

Drink a lot
We recommend drinking plenty of fluids during the flight, as additional fluids are removed from the body on the plane. However, you should avoid alcohol and drinks containing caffeine.

The hormone melatonin influences how tired you feel. The more of the hormone there is in the body, the more tired you are. Melatonin is produced in the dark, so it is advisable to get as much sunlight as possible after arrival. This inhibits the production of melatonin in your body and helps you feel fitter.

Forget the time at home
Concentrate solely on the time of day at your destination. Change your time to local time and try to mentally adjust to the new time.

Sport: less is more
When you arrive at your destination, you should definitely allow yourself some rest and avoid excessive physical exertion. Give your body time to adjust to the new conditions.