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Europäische Reiseversicherung: 2017 saw a return to success for the tourist industry

Business report 2017

After two difficult years, 2017 saw a return to success for the tourist industry, with a pleasing increase in the number of travellers from Austria to almost all the major holiday destinations.

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Review & Outlook

Letter from the Management Board

The year 2017 was the 110th business year for Europäische Reiseversicherung AG, Vienna. The vision of our founder, Max von Engel – to improve the lives of travellers – still inspires and motivates our company today, and is what made 2017 a successful year for us.

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Figures of Europaeische Reiseversicherung

Report of the supervisory board

During the financial year the Supervisory Board has been informed by the Management Board on a ongoing basis concerning the development of business and the situation of the company, and has supervised the management activities of the Management Board. At the four meetings attended by the Supervisory Board in 2017, the Management Board has provided detailed verbal and written reports as well as quarterly reports.

Ernst & Young Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft m.b.H., Vienna, has audited the present annual financial statements with management report for the financial year 2017, and according to the final result of the audit has confirmed that these comply with the statutory requirements. The Supervisory Board has noted and approved the audit result.

The Supervisory Board has examined the annual financial statements drawn up by the Management Board, the management report and the proposal concerning the allocation of the profits, and in accordance with the concluding result of its examination has no objections to raise. It approves the annual financial statements for 2017, which are therefore confirmed pursuant to § 96 of the Austrian Companies Act [Aktiengesetz].

The Supervisory Board agrees to the proposal of the Management Board concerning the allocation of the profits, and requests that a corresponding resolution be adopted at the General Meeting.

Vienna, March 2018

For the Supervisory Board
Alfred Leu e.h., Chairman

Report to the solvency and financial situation download

Reports to the solvency and financial situation are available in German:

Im Rahmen des Solvabilitäts-II-Regimes unterliegen Versicherungs- und Rückversicherungsunternehmen einer umfassenderen Überprüfung der Solvabilitätsanforderungen, die die Finanzlage, das Unternehmensprofil und die Risikomanagementstrategie eines Unternehmens stärker berücksichtigen sollen. Eines der zu erstellenden Dokumente ist der jährliche Bericht über die Solvabilität und Finanzlage (Solvency and Financial Condition Report, SFCR), den Sie in diesem Abschnitt herunterladen können.


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