Sustainability and our responsibility

In cooperation with the climate protection initiative “Climate Austria”, we offer our customers the option of voluntary compensation for CO2 emissions and thus supporting national and international projects. High-quality projects are affected throughout Austria. Specifically, it is about the installation of heat pumps, individual biomass systems, connections to district heating, the promotion of new low-rise buildings, adaptation of ventilation and the construction of solar systems.

CO2 emissions

Together with Climate Austria, Europäische Reiseversicherung AG offset the CO2 emissions it caused in Austria in 2020 to the extent of 68.7 tons for heating and hot water, mobility and travel in cooperation with Climate Austria and supported the portfolio of international climate protection projects. In association with Generali Versicherung Austria, Europäische Reiseversicherung has been purchasing electricity from 100% renewable energy since 2018. The key figures are collected and evaluated annually and steps for improvement are taken.

The office paper is certified in association with Generali Versicherung (e.g. PEFC or EU Ecolabel) and the delivery of letters is carried out by Austrian Post (through corresponding compensation projects), CO2-neutral.

Europäische Reiseversicherung is the largest Austrian travel insurer and part of the Generali Group and, like all other companies in the Generali Group, act responsibly and are aware of their role in society. Corresponding measures are taken here in the dimensions of economy, social and societal engagement and ecology.

Numerous initiatives are intended to raise the awareness of employees, but also other stakeholders, about the careful use of resources. An "Environmental Management System" was established. Its aim is to improve environmental performance. This environmental management system relates, for example, to the areas of consumption of energy, paper and water, greenhouse gas emissions and the reduction of waste.

Generali Austria is significantly involved in this. The corresponding key figures are collected and evaluated annually and steps for improvement are taken.
The presence in leading ethical indices - for example in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index or FTSE4Good Indices - underlines the sustainable commitment of the Generali Group. The principles are formally laid down in the “Environmental and Climate Policy of the Generali Group”, which has been in force since 2014 and is being implemented by all Generali Austria companies.

According to the ranking of the Canadian market research company "Corporate Knights", the Generali Group was one of the most sustainable companies in the world in 2017.
The commitment to sustainability is an essential foundation of the “Generali 2021” corporate strategy. Careful treatment of the environment and the conservation of resources are important to the Generali Group. The Generali Group has signed the UN initiatives "Principles for Responsible Investment" and "Principles for Sustainable Insurance" as well as the "Climate Risk Statement" of "The Geneva Association". After COP21, the UN World Climate Conference 2015 in Paris, she also joined the “Paris Pledge for Action”.

About Climate Austria
Climate Austria is the Austrian initiative for voluntary climate protection. Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) is the economic sponsor and responsible manager of ClimateAustria. As a long-term partner of the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism (BMNT), KPC manages, among other things, federal environmental subsidies and the Austrian JI / CDM program. With the development and implementation of the CO2 compensation offer from ClimateAustria in 2008, in addition to the state environmental promotion and climate protection programs, an offer for climate-conscious consumers and companies was created for the first time in the private, voluntary climate protection sector.




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